In the FP6 European project AUTORECON, Genova Robot (in a subcontracting role) has designed and developed an autonomous four-wheel-steering vehicle with a payload of 2.000 Kg , provided with a software library interfaced with an external control software based on ROS (Robotic Operative System) commands. The platform has been projected as a prototype able to work in an industrial environment.


ANSER (Airport Non-stop Surveillance Expert Robot) is a project funded by the Scientific and Technological District of Liguria (PSTL). The aim of the project was to deploy hybrid surveillance systems, composed by fixed devices and mobile robots, to be used in wide indoor and outdoor areas, such as airports.

Genova Robot cooperated with a heterogeneous consortium composed by University departments, local SMEs and end-users, such as the Villanova d’Albenga International Airport. In particular, Genova Robot focused on the mobile robot architecture, on the surveillance algorithms and on the integration with the device networks and the human supervision station.


EXOMARS (contract with Thales Alenia Space) is the first milestone of the broader planetary exploration program called Aurora, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). The role of Genova Robot has been related to algorithmic aspects of autonomous navigation, to the integration of different subsystems (despite not originally planned) and to the definition and actuation of a functional experimental setup.

This demonstrates the experience of Genova Robot in software integration, in proposing concrete solution to software design and in managing practical aspects of demonstrations.


During the national project AIRONE Genova Robot developed an autonomous transpallet able to pick-up and move materials in an pre-existing warehouse. The mobile vehicle, based on a commercial platform, is able to localize itself in the environment with a patented active beacon system, and to moves in order to accomplish tasks related to the warehouse transportation activities.


In the Modena hospital (IT) Genova Robot has accomplished an experimentation based on an autonomous mobile vehicle able to navigate among the wards to transport different materials. The mobile robot is able to interact with the building to use elevators and ad-hoc stations to load/unload materials.




SHELL (Secure Habitat for an Enhanced Long Living) is a project funded by MSE (the Italian Ministry of Economic Development) focused on elderly and people with special needs. The aim of the project was to investigate and develop techniques for representing and reasoning upon heterogeneous information with the aim of recognizing the activities of the assisted person at home as well as in care facilities, so to support both them and the personnel in charge for their assistance.


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